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1940’s Rene Gerome Gypsy Jazz Guitar Manouche

1940's Rene Gerome Gypsy Jazz Guitar Manouche

Here is a very unusual Gerome guitar made in France in the 40s.

It plays and sounds great! Real vintage jazz tone. The guitar is fitted with new frets and the action is very good.
As this is an old guitar which has been played for many many years it had many dings and dongs and some repairs, also to the ORIGINAL! turtle shell pick guard.
Overall a real vintage player and one of the most rare gerome models. I have another vintage gerome for sale here on Reverb.
Both were aquired from Dutch gypsy family Limberger. The guitar has an arch top and back that contribute to its unusual sound.
Condition issues include the fretmarker inlays, the 3rd and 12th markers are repaired in the past. Not the most esthetic solution but it works well and sounds no less!
This is not an exhaustive list, please review the pics and ask questions.
Includes a new hardshell case. Despite the condition issues, the guitar is easy to play and has a distinctive sound.
This guitar is best for someone with experience maintaining vintage guitars given its age.

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