RARE Menno Bos Electric Guitar Hand Build (2000) figured maple

RARE Menno Bos Electric Guitar Hand Build (2000), has the Thickest figured maple top and dakest ebony fretboard i’ve ever seen!

Guitar builder Menno Bos grew up among church organ and choral singing. As such, the guitar is not the most obvious instrument you would expect him to be attracted to. Menno was about 16 years old before he was touched by the sounds of the classical guitar. The fascination is probably due to the intimate character and the innumerable possibilities of sound colours that this instrument is able to produce.

Menno started the study of playing the classical guitar with full dedication. After some years of private lessons Menno studied at the conservatorium in Arnhem where he concluded his studies successfully in 1987. During this study he was absorbed in the historical development and the structure of the instrument. The moment he took the chisel in his own hands and set off to work by himself might be due to the fact that his father built his own sailing boats.

The type of guitars Menno built before I started to work together with Theo Scharpach are: the Vihuela, the Baroque guitar, the Flamenco guitar, the Classical guitar, the Acoustic guitar, the Acoustic bass guitar, the Electric bass guitar and the Electric guitar.

This Menno Bos Guitar has an mahogany body and a mohogany/ebony set-neck with ebony fingerboard. This all is finished off with an amazing highly figured maple top with ebony inlayed pieces of wood.
Sound is produced by hand wound splittable Seymore Duncan humbuckers. The ebony on this baby is the blackest and oldest I have ever seen!

Amazing sound and playability!