Vintage Gibson SG standard Cherry/walnut and ebony (USA) 1973

Vintage 1973 Gibson SG standard Cherry/walnut and ebony USA

Beautiful vintage Gibson SG Standard 1973 made ​​in USA .
This guitar player is condition with no cracks or significant cracks. The body is mahogany and the neck is a 3 piece mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard and pearl block inlays .
The guitar is in its original state beside of the Gibson bigsby and Grover tuners . Pickups are Gibson PAFs, one of them is waxed from unnecessary noise.
All millings in the guitar are original and look perfect.
The ebony fingerboard is quite rare on these guitars wich gives him a more stable neck then many other SGs .
Under the pickguard is the original cherry finnish, however;  due to extensive use and sunlight the rest faded into a walnut brown .
The tremolo lever is of course included too.

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