Vintage Rare Yamaha TA-70 Solid State Amp and Cabinet stack

Beautiful vintage Yamaha TA-70, This amp is in good condition and works well.,
Great sound but has been silent for a while so it might need a small checkup
I consider her to sell / swap her for a reasonable offer
Nicely lit behind the slides when it is on.
Comes with spare new old stock pots .

These things are extremely rare, many musicians use them, Van Morrison, among others)

Now here is one for the collectors out there. I have never seen one of these in the flesh before, and once it goes I doubt I ever will again!
In the early 1970s Yamaha decided to enter the guitar amplifier market, and in doing so introduced what would be amongst the most individual amps ever made. Not only were they amongst the first solid-state amps offered (with no fewer than 28 transistors and 10 diodes!), but their shape, with an upright stance and a very narrow triangular profile, is their most striking feature.
This shape was largely made possible by the use of Yamaha’s new “Natural Sound speaker”, which was a very large, flat, irregularly-shaped diaphragm made from polystyrene, driven by an off-centre standard voice-coil/magnet assembly.  They were also used in the well-regarded Yamaha Electone organs of the time.

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